Family run and family oriented pay fishing lakes located in Southwestern Pa.  Serving the area for 45 years. Stocking catfish, carp and trout.  Our goal is to be family and financially friendly!  No state license required! We offer lots of convenience for your fishing experience with 5 Lakes with room for over 200 people and you can drive and park around our lakes.  We also have shelters to keep you out of the rain and snow and for night fishing we have lights all around our lakes!!  We do have clean restrooms available!
You must have a net to carry your fish to scale.

Just Fishin'
GPS address:
   125 Filbert Orient Road
    New Salem Pa. 15468

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Fishing fees for 2014
​ 7 and under free with paying parent or grandparent.
​8-10 years old-$10.00
​11-14 years old $13.00​
     15-61 years old-$15.00
Seniors (62 and older)
 trout-cat-carp tag, tagged weights and bonus included
2013 Catfish Photos
2012 Catfish Photos​​​
Cattail Float straw Bobber Setup
​​​Mandatory limit check on cats and trout-stop in at office on way out so we can check limits. 
​This means everyone-NO EXCEPTIONS!!

The bait shop is open from Friday at 6:30am until 9pm Sunday. You are able to sign up to fish, get your fish weighed, purchase snacks, bait, drinks all night on Friday and Saturday nights!! Our cat and carp bonus giveaways start at 7am Friday and go until 7am Monday morning.
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Rules and Regulations
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M-T 6:30 am until 11pm​​​
Open from Friday at 6:30am until Sunday at 9pm


We stock catfish from April until Labor Day weekend.  We stock both channels and shovelheads with some ranging up to 65 pounds!!  We stock over 30,000 pounds of catfish per year.  You can keep 8 channel cats under 8 pounds toward your limit but no shovels or channels 8 pound or bigger.  We do stock the catfish in all 5 of our lakes.  We do tag catfish and we run numerous contests also. 
On site ATM available!
​We do not except credit cards.  Sorry for any inconvenience.
We stocked a load of whopper carp on Wednesday, April 23rd. We had 4 carp that ranged from 38-44 pounds and at least 15 fish in the 30 pound range!! Tons of 20 pounders went in also. Everything kicks off on Saturday, April 26th at 7am!!!

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Increasing weekend carp and cat bonus
Upcoming events:
$25.00 daily bonus on cats.
Increasing the weekend cat and carp bonus:
This is all included in your regular fishing pass!!

Fish Are Hitting
Man the cats hit like crazy yesterday with lots of limits caught and 4 tags were taken out of the 15 I stocked. Again they were catching lots of cats before we stocked so this tells you how many fish are still in there. A big cat was caught last night that weighed 27.2 pounds. For those of you who never seen us stock cats we put in over 700 pounds in each of the 3 bigger lakes and over 700 pounds between the back lake and smallest lake for a grand total of 3000 pounds. And for you carp fishermen Matt M. and Greg M. caught a bunch of carp over night in the deep. Weekend bonus' on cats and carp and contests Friday and Saturday night. Shop open until 9pm Sunday night!!!

Thursday July 24th
We will be stocking 3000 pounds of channel cats today Thursday July 24th around 1pm. Also putting in 15 new tags!!

Stocking catfish Thursday July 24th
Stocking 3000 pounds of catfish on Thursday, July 24th in the afternoon. We will stock 15, yes 15 tags on this load and all 5 lakes will be stocked.