Trout Page
The trout limit per ticket is 5 trout of any size.  You can catch and release the trout but you must net the fish and make sure you handle them with wet hands.  Trout can be stressed very easy if handled roughly and if you release them properly they will survive so someone else can have the fun of catching them at another time.  But remember when you string 5 trout you must buy another pass or you must stop fishing.
You cannot use corn as bait!!​​​

Dave 21 1/2 inch 2-28-15

        ​​​​​​​21 inch Dave 3-3-15
Dave 22 1/2in. 3-7-14
Skip 21 inch 3-8-15
Mark 20 1/2 inch 3-11-15
Mark 21in. 3-11-15
Dave 21in. 3-14-15
Kris 20 1/2in. 3-28-15
Carl 21in. 3-25-15
Rick 21 1/2in. 3-29-15